Escola superior de musica de Catalunya

The ESMUC (Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya) is an educational and human experience which is difficult to compare. No other higher centre in the world so closely intertwines so many different training routes: composers and performers of classical music, jazz and popular music, early music, flamenco and folk music coexist with musicologists of very different tendencies, with pedagogues, sonologues and musical managers, in a microcosm of extraordinary vitality and the unbeatable reflection of the musical world of the 21st century, all reasons for my wanting to form part of its teaching staff.  I have been on the staff since 2001, an emblematic date which coincides with the beginning of the activities in this school.  The subjects I teach, which belong to the Musicology Department are Theory of Performance, History of 18th Century Music and History of 19th Century Music.



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