Beethoven's keyboard exercises

Between improvisation, composition, and sound research





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The book is available in Spanish since April, 2010.
An Italian version has been published in 2014 by Il Saggiatore.
English version coming soon.


Composition, improvisation and piano performance were inseparable facets of Ludwig van Beethoven’s extraordinary activity. This is affirmed by his contemporaries and shown by his work notes, which include dozens which could be considered true exercises in piano.  Exercises written for himself, in which Beethoven forged the striking modernity of his technique and wrote a decisive page in the history of the piano.  Ignored for generations by the musicological world, these exercises are perfect documents for reflecting on what his works and his figures represent today.  This has been my intention with this text, which has taken up eight thrilling years of my life and is the first book in the world dedicated to these exercises. 180 musical examples, many previously unknown, in an illustrated volume which includes a detailed description of the arguments which have led me to affirm that it was not Beethoven who wrote For Elise as we know it today.


A note on the authorship of Beethoven's Für Elise